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Buying Home Made Easy, Welcome to Easy Financial Offers for Buyers

Did you always suspect that you can't afford a home now?
Have you been living on rent all your life and been wanting your own home?
Are you afraid of paying the rent and EMI together till you move in to your own home?

If you answered yes to more than two questions above, then the  subvention scheme is a god-send scheme for you. 

You too can Afford Now
You are not alone. We come across this story from many property seekers living in rented accommodations. To be realistic, an affordable property is always under construction, one would have to manage for a period of around one to three years when the project is under-construction. But as a Buyer they can not shell out both the EMIs as well as the rent.
But, now the builders like CMRS Group are getting associated with Banks and Financial Institutes to design subvention schemes which require the buyer to pay just 10 per cent of the total cost as an initial payment, there is not pre EMI and you pay 10% at the possession before your loan starts. 
You need to hurry up as these are limited period offers and available to only few customers on first come first serve basis.
Scheme 10:80:10 Benefits
Such Schemes benefit a buyer in many direct and indirect ways. Here is a small list, but the benefits are manyfold.
  1. Easy to Own a House Such offerings allow you to pay only small amount of money for owning a flat and you need not worry about EMIs till the time you get possession.
  2. Buying for Future Capability : Many Buyers expect a pay hike by the time the apartment is ready. They would be much comfortable shelling out higher EMI at that time.
  3. On-Time Delivery Assurance : Developers like CMRS Group is paying the bank on behalf of the buyer, they would ensure that the project finishes on time.
  4. Opportunity to Gain from Property : Property value always appreciates when the apartment is ready. A buyer can easily invest in such scheme and gain from the appreciation.

What You should be Careful About?
Most developers charge significantly higher (10-20%) per sq feet value for each unit, its not ethical but emotions run high as Buyer agrees to buy even at that price. CMRS Group charges slightly higher (3-7%), it still suits those living on rent and want to save on EMI. Moreover, you should also be careful about the construction quality with such schemes. All specification mentioned in the brochures should be put down in the agreement itself. Some details may be expected to change with the change in preferences and market availability but the essence of amenities should not be changed (e.g. the Swimming Pool can not go missing, neither the Gym or Amphitheater )
Thus, if you have been holding back on buying that dream home for yourself due to the fear of being unable to handle the dual pressure of monthly rent and EMIs, the subventions schemes is certainly for you. But you need to exercise caution and be watchful for the price that you pay, and the the quality that you buy.

You have to hurry up as the scheme is valid only till stocks last!...
For any property guidance, free legal advice and any other assistance while buying a property, feel free to call at  +91-7676-122-000 or send an mail to


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