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How Green is your Luxury Home?

Do you know that a Green Home consumes 25% less water and saves upto 40% less electricity?

It means that you will save atleast one fourth of water tankers standing in your villas or apartments and face less diesel crisis in case of longer power outages. Obviously, you also save lot of moolah in your maintenance cost.

Luxurious Green
India's super luxury homes are now defined by a life with no compromises.  Apart from an address that will make others turn green with envy, they also offer a Green lifestyle along with well equipped gymnasiums, swimming pools and gardens, complete home automation, and advanced home security systems. 

Today’s Indian luxury home buyers are willing and able to pay extra premium, for a desire to stand out and be ‘a cut above the rest’, for super-luxurious green homes wherein price is not a constraint.

How to Buy Green?

First and foremost, look for a builder that has a view point on resource management. A builder like CMRS Group, which is an IGBC member, is boun…