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Investment : Why should you consider Rental Value, Cost of Property and Appreciation?

You would be surprised that majority of people who buy a property for investment, end up getting very low return on investment. They may get higher appreciation for property, but higher share of loan interest and very low rent to value ratio give them very low returns.  You should be rational and business-minded when buying an investment property than buying a home. Since you don't plan to live in there, you should do your math right and investigate thoroughly before you invest.

What's the Return on Your Investment?
Your investment appreciates over time, but this alone is not enough to calculate your net returns. To keep a property with you, you incur annual costs such as loan interest, property tax, insurance, maintenance etc. Such costs are called carrying costs of your property investment. But, as you keep the property, you also earn rental income, which adds up to your return on investment. The rental yield is the ratio of real annual rent (Rent - Maintenance) to property p…

Resale Value Tip - Why should you Buy Right Home and Keep It Looking New?

You would be surprised to know that one to five years old resale property will be around 75-85 percent of the market value, five to ten years old will be around 65-75 percent and ten to twenty years old will be 50-65 percent of market value. Resale value further goes down if you have not invested in Right Property or if you have not kept it Looking New.
Resale Value: Resale property value is the sum of the total value of the entire land UDS (undivided share of land), depreciated value of facilities, amenities and building. The major component of resale value is price of UDS which increases rapidly if bought in right location. Other depreciating factors like facilities and amenities can be controlled by investing in appropriately sized property at right price. Interiors of your home plays a big role in keeping it looking new and impacts the resale price significantly.
Choosing Right Property: Location - Buy your home at Main Road with highest appreciation of Land Value. This in turn increa…

Buyer Safety : Right To Property Gone, be cautious when you buy a Property

150 residents of I Block at HRBR Layout, in northeast Bengaluru, received a notice from the tahasildar of Bangalore East taluk to vacate their houses within two days, as they were built on an encroached tank bed. The tahasildar's notice said that their structures, on Survey No. 211 of Banaswadi village, are on a 'Government Lake' bed that had been encroached on.

What went wrong when they bought it?

As the Constitution was originally drafted, the Right To Property was enshrined as a fundamental right. By the 44th Amendment to the Constitution, the right to property was removed as a fundamental right!

The result is that the right to property as a fundamental right is now substituted as a statutory right. The amendment expanded the power of the state to appropriate any private property for social welfare purposes. Also, the adequacy of compensation payable on acquisition or requisition could not be questioned in a court of law.

There were 262 lakes in Bangalore in 1961, of which …

Choosing the BEST LOCATION, How important is it for your New Home?

Home buying is always an important decision, and many times the appreciation value of future home alone drives the decision. But, the location aspect that has a bearing on your lifestyle and status cannot be calculated with some mathematical formula. Buying a home is a decision you should take some time to consider, determining how its location and amenities will affect your lifestyle, status and general emotional satisfaction.

Whether you are purchasing your home as an investment, a lifestyle upgrade or both, one of the most important decisions you will make is LOCATION. Here are some factors you should consider when selecting a location.
Proximity to Workplace - The length of your daily travel to work can have a significant impact on your daily expense, quality of life and how much time you get to spend at home with your family.Safe Neighbourhood - Safety is a top consideration. You'll often pay less to live in an area with higher crime, but if you'll have to live in …