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ABCD of Real Estate Property Price Appreciation, Act Now

Any investment in property in the present times could be very good value for money, but the price appreciation of the property matters on four simple things. Address, Budget, Connectivity and Demand. Rest all often over advertised features such as infrastructure development, proposed flyovers, bridges etc. only play a sentimental role in initial selling price but do not actually appreciate the value to a greater extent.

Why Infrastructure development alone will not appreciate value?
Infrastructure development benefits a wider area and the large supply of properties in that large area limits the personal benefits to you. You can see this evidently on what has happened after the electronic city properties has been connected with Koramangala with signal free flyover. Prices appreciated much lesser than the expectation,

Lets see what actually gives an assured appreciation of greater extent.

Locality Address has a great sentimental value associated with prestige of living in the area, i…

Why should you buy a Green Home?

Going Green is a new buzzword that attracts lot of property buyers with higher educational background and with higher consciousness for environment. Green building is a possibility to create harmless, energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings. Green buildings are becoming good for the environment, tenants and occupiers. Conventional building consumes too much natural sources, like energy, water, woods etc. while Green building efficiently saves such resources.

Advantages of Green Homes:Higher Saving - Even if they are higher in cost a little bit, because of some special requirements, CMRS properties, during their usage save so much that the extra money spent on apartment cost will return at least 10 times.Water Saving - Water is one of the most common recurring expense in a building. Green building built by CMRS properties ( uses Water saving shower heads, ultra-low flush toilets and other conserving fixtures to minimize water.Temperature Con…

Row Villas are a New Fashion in Bangalore Realty?

Villas continue to be a dream home for many, but they remain pricey at good locations. People choose to buy high end apartments instead, but Bangaloreans are queuing up to buy Row Villas which are located at premium locations and costs the same or lesser than high end apartments.  For example, CMRS Couryard (, located at Varthur main market near Forum Value Mall is a big hit among buyers. 

Row houses Properties come in the category of urban homes, which are located in the same area and are coherent with each other in architecture, design, and appearance. Row villas are premium segment of row houses. The row houses segment, though less in the overall market size, saw the highest increase in sales velocity in Bangalore with a rise of 23 per cent and only 9.4 months inventory. A clear indication of the growing demand for this type of property.
Advantages of Row Villas: Costs less than villas with private gardens providing the higher luxury for p…

Will Real Estate prices go higher in Bangalore in coming months?

The Bangalore real estate sector continues to be a favored destination for Indian as well as Global investors. Bangalore currently employs the largest chunk of IT professional, a population which is bound to increase with recent trend of startup success and growth plans of existing IT majors. The Bangalore population will surge in the coming years, which, coupled with growth in employment, education and health care, will push the demand for residential and commercial space.

There are few other factors which will push the price higher, now is the best time you can buy an affordable property and save yourself from price hike. CMRS properties, builds houses which are appropriate priced to fit your budget and to add to your lifestyle at the same time.
Market Demand and Higher Input Costs:The traditional mutual fund, shares buyers are now keen to invest and reap dividends from the real estate market growth. These factors will increase the demand and hence the prices are going to go higher th…

Buying Property - Learning the Tricks to Save you from Duping

The real estate sector has no entry barrier. With the economy booming and no let-up in demand for real estate, a number of players have entered the sector . Though not all new developers are dubious, many investors fall prey to unscrupulous companies. Bangalore's real estate industry is infamous for absence of transparency, the big builders who thrive on big advertising and lot of marketing do not share even the legal papers with Buyers.  

As a result many Buyers find themselves stuck with defective properties or with properties that are not built with all the currently applicable laws. Also Buyers often pay extra for the brand names and features they don't need. Very few builders like CMRS Group also exist in Bangalore which swear by transparency, build enough features which you will always be able to use and offer you a brand built on trust, ethics and modern homes.

Here is a common checklist that you should refer to avoid falling into the trap of tricks p…

Advantages of buying a Home from ISO ceritifed builder - Assured Quality

Today, when customer is the king and property market flooded with real estate options, the customer deserves to buy a property from a builder which has a well defined, robust and results oriented quality management system to deliver high quality homes. Assured.
Thus, ISO 9001:2000 certification is the best check available to customers to ensure superior quality for the homes that they purchase.

ISO 9001:2008 certification provides independent, third-party verification that the construction processes meet a globally accepted standard for quality management — the same standard that has been used in the high  manufacturing sector for decades. Entirely voluntary, ISO certification is a clear indicator of the Builder's commitment to consistent quality and continuous improvement. As a builder, CMRS Group has acquired ISO 9001:2008 certificate. Obtainment of the ISO 9001:2009 Certificate means that the Company implements good quality management practices aimed at business process control, c…

Real Estate Investment options for NRI - Wiser Choice

Real estate prices in rest of the world are going down, but the good news is that the real estate investment in India is growing leaps and bound. As a Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), the customers has the best opportunity to eacash on the growth in real estate and should plan to make investments in India in the real estate sector.

An NRI property buyer can look at three benefits:
Self Use : Apart from the pleasure of owning a house, Non-Resident Indian would be very happy to note that if he takes loan for a self occupied house property, then he would enjoy a deduction from his Indian income in respect of interest paid on loan taken for such self occupied residential property. This loan can be taken either from the bank or financial institution so also the loan can be taken from any member of the family or friend or relative.Rental Income : A good location property, like the one built by CMRS Group, ensures that you get consistent rental income whic…