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How to choose Commercial Property in Bangalore for Investment?

Real estate investment is considered as the safest investment in Bangalore as it promises the investors to provide them with higher returns and huge profits. The return on investment in the commercial market of Bangalore has been even higher due to the retail boom and tremendous increase in the value of property. Lot of builders such as CMRS Group, well known for their residential properties are now venturing into commercial property development is progressing a lot. 

Benefits of Investing in Commercial
Higher yield - The rental yield for commercial property is usually 9-12%. In contrast, the yield for residential property is much lower at 3-4%.Higher Growth - Rental for commercial properties increase higher than the residential properties.Lower Maintenance - Compared to residential, size of commercial properties are generally smaller for similar investment. This along with short duration of usage results in lower costs.As an investors you should consider some significant factors to get…

How to Buy a Property for Investment?

Buyers buy property for Investment or Living. Owning investment property will provide financial and personal benefits, such as following:
Good Rental opportunity.If you purchase an investment property close to large employment zones, this may be attractive to tenants and could create cash flow. CMRS Group offers villa plots at Hoskote which are strategically located near three industrial zones to create rent generating property with ease.Assured income and cash flow. Along with your salary and business income, your investment property may provide ongoing income to offset your expenses.Guaranteed tax benefits.EMIs and premium amount paid on the home loan taken against the purchase are benefitted with income tax rebates and present the opportunity for tax advantages.
Benefits for Apartment Investors:
This category of buyer purchases property primarily as a means to grow money. They get befitted at multiple levels of entry:

Long Term Investment: Buyers get the best values and even an inaugur…

How to choose a Builder which gives you Maximum Value for your Money?

Living in Bangalore, Real estate is the best place to invest your money in, but buying a home and choosing a builder can get very confusing as many options available for the new home buyer. Contrary to popular wisdom, it may not be a wiser choice to to buy a home built by one of the more advertised and reputed builders to get the maximum return. You may end up paying super extra premium for a brand name with no assurance on quality, timely delivery and innovation. You should check some important points before choosing a project or a developer.
Company Profile: Builder’s qualification and experience in the real estate industry is the first thing to enquire about. Check the builder’s official website and find out information they have put about themselves – the experience and qualification of the management team should be an important deciding factor. CMRS Group is led by a professional team with its top management from premier institute like IIM-Bangalore, this gives you assurance of et…

Should I Buy a New Home or an Old Home?

Many buyers feel the dilemma that buying an old home is better as it has already been fetching rent and could be headed for further appreciation. But this is not always true. Property appreciation may slow down after 10 years of construction and in some cases property may start depreciating. Buying a New home always makes more sense if it is from a quality builder like CMRS Group which is appropriately priced. If you buy a New Home from an over marketed builder after the launch, you risk the expected appreciation.

A new property will last you through a full property cycle of 15 years or more with extremely minor maintenance issues and virtually none in the first 10, provided that you chose a property by a builder like CMRS Group with a good track record. 

Problems in Buying an Old Home:
Legal Challenges : Property title may be unclear due to lack of proper chain of documentation, especially in cases where the property has changed hands more than a couple of times in the past. Higher Stam…

What to do in a Property Show?

Property shows seem to be a great way to analyse the properties that are available and to compare them against each other, also Property shows are the most convenient way to gather a pool of information. But this is also a place where impulse buying decision may impair your judgement fooled by extensive marketing activities. How do you safeguard yourself from such traps and buy a property that is truly a value for your Money?

Here’s a simple list of things to do in such exhibitions to make the most of it.
Decide What You Want BeforeHand : You should have a clear understanding of your requirements regarding your purpose of purchase, preferred location, size of property and your budget. Unless you have a clear idea, you can not choose from the various options available. CMRS Group can help you selecting the right property when you come prepared, otherwise also we have counsellors to help you educating about your "real" needs.Choose the Builders : You should not waste your time g…

How to Buy Property Instantly with Full Assurance of Right Choice?

Buying a property can be a daunting experience. It is one of the most important financial decisions you will make. Many property buyers fall into the trap of huge advertising and buy an over priced property with uncommitted delivery dates. Also, the buyers often make wrong choices while choosing a location. This happens because the agent or builder has few options and they prefer to suggest only those options to buyers. 

CMRS Group has over 5 million sq. ft. under construction with its properties spread at multiple strategic locations. Based on your need you can choose the best option within your budget. Negotiations with CMRS Group is a breeze, they give you wider payment options to pick your own best price. Now Buying a property is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Typical Timeline for Property Buyers1. Finding the perfect Property: Identify need if you looking for living or for investment, research few locations, search builder's websites. You should shortlist couple of properties to pick and…

Buy Your Second Home with Assured Rental Income

Investment in real estate has turned out more profitable than any other investment in long run, so people choose to buy more than one home. But, having multiple houses pinches you hard with Income Tax. We often focus on paying tax on our salary, deductions under section 80C, etc. and thereby simply neglect the house property income.If you invest wisely in properties that return high rental income, you can start minimizing the tax burden. CMRS Group offers you apartments at strategic location with high rental demand to ensure high rental income for years to come.  Save More, Buy One More CMRS Royal Orchid which is strategically located to generate a rental income of at least 18k/month starting from Dec, 2015 is available for 33 lacs. Lets assume that you take a loan of Rs 25,00,000 to buy an apartment with CMRS Group,  at an interest rate of 10% for 20 years, the EMI will be around Rs 24,125, which adds up to Rs 2,89,500 annually. Out of this, Rs 2,50,000 will go towards interest payment…

Buy or Rent, What should you do?

The choice between buying a home and renting one is among the biggest financial decisions that many people in bigger cities need to make. But the costs of buying a home scares many people off when they compare the EMI with their current salary. It may not be always true as with the tax benefits your effective in hand salary increases and your balance salary after EMI instead of rent does not reduce much. Also the decision to buy becomes easier if you choose to buy from CMRS Group, which offers CMRS Royal Orchid, luxury smart, green homes starting from 33 lacs and give the possession to you in little more than a year.

Buying Cost
Initial costsare the costs you incur when you go to the closing for the home you are purchasing. This includes the down payment and other fees.Recurring costsare expenses you will have to pay monthly or yearly in owning your home. These include EMI payments, maintenance and renovation costs, property taxes and homeowner’s insurance. Property taxes, the interest …

High Rise Apartments - What should you buy and why?

High rise apartments are need of hour as the land prices are increasing and it is not possible to find something affordable within city limit as independent home. Not only due to affordable price tag, buyers also buy high rise apartments in hope of living in larger community. But many times such hopes are crashed when the amenities become inaccessible due to larger chunk of people waiting to avail them at the same time. Also the alienation may occur due to large number of people living in there will deprive one of establishing an identity and relationship with residents. So if affordable luxury is what you want then how bigger apartment you choose?

Affordability - Construction cost comes down for high rise as the significant cost of land is shared by larger number. But the cost will increase if you go beyond 12 floors, building would either have to be a steel frame building or be of massive reinforced concrete construction. The higher you go, the higher the cost per square foo…

Green Homes - The Real Advantage is Good Health

Green Homes are more than a fashion statement. Many smart and aware property buyers agree that smart, sustainable green homes are becoming a necessity. Green homes are structures that ensure efficient use of natural resources like building materials, water, energy and other resources with minimal generation of non-degradable waste. The growing number of buildings have a vast impact on the natural environment, human health, and the economy. CMRS Group adopts significant Green Home practices efficiently to benefit you in three different ways, the biggest of them is Good health.

You can't put a monetary value on quality of life.  How much, for example, would you pay to enjoy a less-stressful day, or to avoid catching the flu? 
When all of the aforementioned benefits to green architecture and sustainable design are added up, the enhanced lifestyles shared by all of society makes sense, both economically and environmentally.  EnvironmentalImprove air and water qualityReduce waste streamsCo…

You have earned it, Buy an all interior done Villa - Any Benefits?

It is a prestige to own your own personal roof and private garden. Buying merely a Villa or Row Villa is not enough, you should consider buying a property which comes with all interiors done by a renonwned architect. Very few builders in Bangalore provide this option, and even fewer get it done by a world class architect. Row Villas offered by CMRS Group now come with interiors architected by world class architects. Sourcing the right materials which add ultra luxury to your home is now guaranteed.

Its a common belief that the Interior design is to a house is like seasoning is to a main course! But getting it perfectly done in class is crucial for making your home aesthetically appealing and practical. Poorly done interior design can make even the largest villas seem clustered and dull, but when done right the same can make even a tiny area of your villa seem spacious and practical. It is always wise decision to get it done by someone best. Buying with Interiors - Benefits: World class a…