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How to choose Commercial Property in Bangalore for Investment?

Real estate investment is considered as the safest investment in Bangalore as it promises the investors to provide them with higher returns and huge profits. The return on investment in the commercial market of Bangalore has been even higher due to the retail boom and tremendous increase in the value of property. Lot of builders such as CMRS Group, well known for their residential properties are now venturing into commercial property development is progressing a lot. 

Benefits of Investing in Commercial

  1. Higher yield The rental yield for commercial property is usually 9-12%. In contrast, the yield for residential property is much lower at 3-4%.
  2. Higher Growth - Rental for commercial properties increase higher than the residential properties.
  3. Lower Maintenance - Compared to residential, size of commercial properties are generally smaller for similar investment. This along with short duration of usage results in lower costs.
As an investors you should consider some significant factors to get the most returns out of your investment.

Five Factors for Commercial Investment

  1. Premium Location : You should invest in a prime location as it is easier to find tenants quicker for properties in prime locations, Leaving a commercial property vacant for extended periods will result in loss of income. CMRS Group is developing Commercial Place in AECS Main Area near premium mall such as Hypercity, this is guaranteed to ensure quicker tenant.
  2. Population Density : You should choose a property with higher population to ensure larger catchment for your commercial place. The upcoming commercial place from CMRS Group has a residential catchment with a population of 10 lakh or more in the vicinity.
  3. Mixed Use Development : As an investor, it is a safe bet to invest in mixed-use projects with homes, offices, shops and even hotels.  Shops in mixed-use developments have very high scope of retail activities and also for food and beverages, books, stationery, chemists and florists. Proposed CMRS properties will be 15 floor tower with commercial and residential.
  4. Demand Supply Gap : Residential areas like AECS Layout has more than 10 lakh people with less than average supply of commercial supply. In recent times lot of new business have cropped up and have been very successful. If this trend has to continue, more commercial properties are needed.
  5. Higher Guaranteed Yield : Make sure that you can get a rental yield of at least 11-12%. Rental yield is the annual rent divided by the property value. Upcoming commercial property from CMRS Group is guaranteed to fetch more than 1000 rupees per sq. ft. of annual rental income. Often, buyers tend to ignore rental yield and instead focus only on capital appreciation. However, rental yield is a very important parameter as it represents productivity of the price. Welcome to - your online plain text editor. Enter or paste your text here. To download and save it, click on the button below.
Investor Check List
  • Check the developer credentials to see if he will complete the project, many commercial projects are never completed. CMRS Group has always completed its project and has handed over more than 1 million square feet of residential and commercial place.
  • Potential for infrastructure development in the area should be throughly checked to ensure better footfalls.
  • Access to public transport will make sure you get the customers for your retail place even from far off place.
  • Verify what is the tenant profile of the location? Which industries prefer it and what are their growth potential?
  • Is the location well-planned?, areas like AECS layout are well planned with good connectivity and inter connected roads.
  • Verify if there are a lot of commercial space transactions happening in this location, AECS layout has much higher transactions.
  • Check if the building has a modern look and feel, upcoming property from CMRS Group is designed by an eminent architect. 
For any property advice, free legal advice and any other assistance while buying a property, feel free to call at  +91-7676-122-000 or send an mail to

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