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Apartment with Marble Flooring - A masterstroke to keep bachelors away

Everyone knows that the Marble is a beautiful and durable material selectively used for artwork and architecture. When used in flooring, it gives a dramatic visual attractiveness to home, that even the most discriminating tastes find appealing. It definitely adds luxury to the home and gives it long life. Also, its a proven fact that an apartment with marble flooring keep looking new even after many many years of living. You don't need to replace the marble flooring all your life, just keep painting the walls and doors to keep your home looking new, year after year. But do you know that apart from ultimate luxurious offering and longer life, the latest launch from CMRS properties has used marble flooring also for another strategic reason? 

Family Apartment - A distant Dream

Premium locations which have very good connectivity, local market and good eating joints, have become a preferred living destination for bachelors. Bachelors are willing to pay a premium and secure a place at …

Do you need a Home Automation system, is it a Luxury or a Need?

Home Automation is considered a Luxury by many home buyers and most builders package this solution only with ultra luxury apartments, which cost upward of 1 crore in Bangalore. Such homes are always advertised to add an extra comfort to your life. But, all the apartments built by CMRS properties offer buyers the convenience to choose home automation features at the fraction of the market cost. These apartments make your life easier, keep your family more secure AND save you money in electricity bills.


All apartments, villas and row houses by CMRS properties are built with home automation technology that add safety for both your family and home. You have the ability to control the small appliances and lighting with the simple tap of your finger on your favorite technological device. You can always keep an eye on the accident prone devices such as geyser, oven etc. to make life safer. Now, you can always check to make sure your daughter turned off her curling iron or ens…

How Social Housing is different from Affordable Housing?

Social Housing is generally a housing project offered by Governments or specific societies  (like corporates, banks, PSUs etc.) to provide housing as a not-for-profit basis. There will always be an eligible criteria for social housing projects like the economic background or employment association, but they will always cost less or will be offered free in some cases. They may look similar to affordable homes but they are not, they solve specific problem at specific level but they are not a solution for masses.

What is wrong with Social Housing?

Social housing is controlled by Govt. policies and are often not available to a huge population. In India we have a huge gap of about 88 million families who need housing, the Social housing can not narrow down this gap significantly. Also, the eligibility criteria for social housing deprives many needy family benefiting from such options. The real answer for providing housing for all would lie with affordable homes.  Affordable housing is signif…

What should be called "Luxury" in an Apartment?

When you buy your dream home, you want it to be luxurious. "Luxury" is by far the most-abused word by residential projects in Bangalore. You will rarely find a builder who does not call its apartment as luxury apartment. So it is important for buyers to understand the true definition, context and meaning of luxury in an apartment. Once you understand the definition, you can save yourself from duping and buy a truly luxurious apartment such as "Mahavatar Heights", offered by CMRS Group. 

Here is a quick checklist and standards for a luxury apartment.
Location :  This is topmost parameter. It is the "Address", "Visibility" and "Main Road" status which separates ‘normal’ with  ‘luxurious’. Most owners of such a home want others to see and admire their properties, and to entertain people there.  The view available to the project’s occupants is also very pertinent. A project may be genuinely luxurious in its internal specifications and am…