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Build your Dream Home, How to Do-It-Yourself?

Building an independent home that you call your own, is a dream come true for many. Even though you need to do a lot of painstaking work to make this dream a reality, you happily do it for the thrill of owning your own piece of land, building a structure as per your requirements, and helping design the architecture with your architect. 

But how do you go about doing this if you are a first timer?

Why Should You Do This?BenefitsFlexibility - You call the shots while paying attention to Design and Vastu. If you want a theme or a concept (e.g. A house with a mini pool in living room), which nobody offers in the Market then building your own way is the only option.Money Saver-Financial rewards of doing it yourself are huge. Villas from builders will cost 50% to 200% of the total price for building your own house.Private Location - Most homes from builders will be available in location crowded by people, if you want to live your life at a private location, then better you choose it yourself.

Buying Home Made Easy, Welcome to Easy Financial Offers for Buyers

Did you always suspect that you can't afford a home now?
Have you been living on rent all your life and been wanting your own home?
Are you afraid of paying the rent and EMI together till you move in to your own home?

If you answered yes to more than two questions above, then the  subvention scheme is a god-send scheme for you. 

You too can Afford Now You are not alone. We come across this story from many property seekers living in rented accommodations. To be realistic, an affordable property is always under construction, one would have to manage for a period of around one to three years when the project is under-construction. But as a Buyer they can not shell out both the EMIs as well as the rent. But, now the builders like CMRS Group are getting associated with Banks and Financial Institutes to design subvention schemes which require the buyer to pay just 10 per cent of the total cost as an initial payment, there is not pre EMI and you pay 10% at the possession before your loan start…