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Investing in real plots? what should you consider before choosing?

Buying Plots as an investment is one of the most popular option for smart real estate buyers. But it it also the most misunderstood real estate investments in the world.


Investing in plots has superior benefits that come with owning land in its raw form. Land gives much better appreciation than investing in apartments, it outweighs even the absence of rental income that the apartments generally come with. Purchasing a plot is wisest choice if you are looking for faster appreciation. Also unlike an apartment the Land never gets older and doesn't depreciate its value over time.

Buying Tips

Most real estate buyers often misjudge the potential of investment in a particular plot and end up buying over priced or dead property. 

If you’re buying a plot near airport, than you should not do it within few km as stone quarries are there, your investment may not appreciate if there are any issues with the rocks inside.If you’re buying a plot as an investment, then its wiser to expedite yo…