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Live the green-Life – Make a Better World

Imagine your balcony growing food – fresh, organic, delicious food. Imagine your family eating the food they grow themselves and feeling healthy and happy!
It's happening. All across the CMRS Group properties, the company is adding a useful green balcony or green graden area (in villas), without eating up the balcony space. For the price of seeds, a few gardening tools, and a little water, home owners will be eating as pure and as fresh as it gets. They will be spending less time driving to the grocery store and waiting in lines, and more time at home and enjoying the green and their loved ones.
Fast Facts: Did you know that the balconies at CMRS Group properties convert enough carbon dioxide into oxygen for a family of 8 people per day?Benefits of Having a Garden
Even the smallest space can be transformed into an outdoor welcoming oasis and provide multiple benefits to our environment including: Providing space for children and adults to enjoy the greeneryHelping control dust and filt…

Real Estate - Is it a REAL investment option?

Real Estate investments are always attractive as they create a tangible asset and also provide a hedge of rental income when you are holding on to them for substantial period. No other investment option comes closer, even when the ROI may be equal in extreme cases but consistent rental income is much higher than other options. 

FUNDA 1 : Real Estate Investments are more Safer
Also, It’s more difficult to be cheated in real estate compared to stocks if you do your homework because you can physically show up, inspect your property, run a legal check on the documents, make sure that the property is actually there before you buy it, making sure all the approval are either sought or got ... with stocks and mutual funds, you have to trust the management and the auditors. 
If you buy property from CMRS Group in Bangalore, you can be assured of all legal aspects of ownership. The group also helps you in clarifying all the legal queries that your legal adviser may have. Building Trust in buying a…

Smart Home - Now more Affordable than you think

A Home Buyer always dreams of buying a home which gives him more than just the appreciation and common amenities.  A peace of mind is paramount need of a home buyer, be it legally clear property, high quality construction or faster possession. Modern advancements in Technology are now playing a key role in providing the greater peace of mind by providing you better control of your home and adding higher value to customer's life.

Get your Home At Your Fingertips
When you're not home, small little doubts can start to disturb your mind. Who is knocking on my door?, Are my kids safe at home?, Is there any security or safety issue at home that needs his urgent attention?

With a smart home, you could put all of these doubts to rest with a quick glance at your smartphone or tablet. Smart Home features available in all CMRS properties allow you to control your home when you are away from your home.

All apartments are equipped with a patented smart home automation technology. Smart Doors : …

Choosing the right property in Bangalore

Bangalore is now a much preferred destination not only by global IT firms but also by a number of home buyers. The pleasant weather, global lifestyle trends and improving connectivity infrastructure has made the city a heaven for new homeowners, spinning off a fresh demand for property.

As a builder, CMRS Group is currently constructing more than 5 million sq. ft of properties across Bangalore, which are currently under various stages of constructions. With projects like CMRS Royal Orchid, Courtyard, Misty Winds, Sunny Dew, North Star, Sai Flora, Radhakrishna Enclave, Eternity, Oasis, Sai Dham, Ivory Residency, Verdance,  Ojus, Silver Oak and Moonstone, the customer is guaranteed to match his need with our wide offerings.

When you think of buying a residential property in Bangalore, the choices are many, ranging from simple one room house to independent villas. But, choosing a location can be quite a cumbersome task, as you have to choose a property that suits your needs and your pocket…