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Real Estate - Is it a REAL investment option?

Real Estate investments are always attractive as they create a tangible asset and also provide a hedge of rental income when you are holding on to them for substantial period. No other investment option comes closer, even when the ROI may be equal in extreme cases but consistent rental income is much higher than other options. 

FUNDA 1 : Real Estate Investments are more Safer

Also, It’s more difficult to be cheated in real estate compared to stocks if you do your homework because you can physically show up, inspect your property, run a legal check on the documents, make sure that the property is actually there before you buy it, making sure all the approval are either sought or got ... with stocks and mutual funds, you have to trust the management and the auditors. 

If you buy property from CMRS Group in Bangalore, you can be assured of all legal aspects of ownership. The group also helps you in clarifying all the legal queries that your legal adviser may have. Building Trust in buying a property is foremost motto of the group, and they also provide you assistance in case of queries from other properties. You can send a mail to for free advice on property legal matters.

FUNDA 2 : Investment is more useful for You and Others

Owning your own home is the most common real estate investment. Its value always goes up over time, but even if it doesn't match your expectations of very very high returns, you have a place to live or to give it for rental income. In addition to the initial upfront and EMI costs, even if you include taxes, insurance, repairs and maintenance, the math will always show your investment as profitable investment. Many Investors invest for the fact that the property values will increase, and they are always right.

With CMRS group in Bangalore, the company give you buy back options of the property you choose. Such options make the investment more confident. Also, the timely completion of projects with the newly acquired ISO9001:2008 quality certification gives an investor an assured move in or rental income as planned.

FUNDA 3 : Property prices rises with inflation

Inflation is a single largest daemon which kills your profits. Real estate investments have traditionally been a terrific inflation hedge to protect against a loss in purchasing power of the rupee. As the money devalues, the property prices increases to compensate for the inflation. With investment in real estate you can be assured of fighting off inflation when you need the money the most.

With CMRS group, the properties are always constructed on the location where the supply will exhaust and demand will increase; hence increasing the prices many folds. All properties are carefully chosen to be built with unique features which are future proof.

To summarize, when you invest in real estate, you are buying physical land or property. Real estate is cash generating – think of an apartment building, or villas where the tenants are sending you checks each month, you pay the expenses, and keep the difference as the profit.

Advantages of Real Estate Investment over Mutual Funds

  1. You call the shots – There is no fund manager to answer to when you’re a direct real estate investor. You decide on the rental price; you decide on the number of properties to buy; and you decide on who lives in and rents your property.
  2. Less Taxes – With direct real estate, you can save on taxes bigtime, and keep Taxman’s slick hands out of your pockets. From writing off depreciation to taking a interest tax deduction, there are no shortages of tax breaks linked to direct real estate investing.
  3. Potentially fatter investment returns – Like any investment, the more money you invest, the more money you can earn. So by putting down 50 lacs on a property, you’ll likely earn more than a REIT investor putting 1 lacs into a real estate investment.
For any property advice, free legal advice and any other assistance while buying a property, feel free to call at  +91-7676-122-000 or send an mail to

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