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What should be called "Luxury" in an Apartment?

When you buy your dream home, you want it to be luxurious. "Luxury" is by far the most-abused word by residential projects in Bangalore. You will rarely find a builder who does not call its apartment as luxury apartment. So it is important for buyers to understand the true definition, context and meaning of luxury in an apartment. Once you understand the definition, you can save yourself from duping and buy a truly luxurious apartment such as "Mahavatar Heights", offered by CMRS Group. 

Here is a quick checklist and standards for a luxury apartment.
  1. Location :  This is topmost parameter. It is the "Address", "Visibility" and "Main Road" status which separates ‘normal’ with  ‘luxurious’. Most owners of such a home want others to see and admire their properties, and to entertain people there.  The view available to the project’s occupants is also very pertinent. A project may be genuinely luxurious in its internal specifications and amenities. However, if it overlooks a slum, a graveyard or a hospital, both rental and resale potential gets impacted. Mahavatar Heights is located on Main Road, prominently visible in East Bangalore, with an address only few can boast of.
  2. Amenities/Fittings : Imported italian marble flooring, high end jaguar fittings, large windows, home automation solution, teak wood doors, fully air conditioned club house, roof top swimming pool, tennis court etc. are must for an apartment to be called luxurious. Very few builders in Bangalore provide all this in an apartment as most of the properties are joint development and builders avoid building such ultra luxury and giving it away to landlord. Mahavatar Heights is built on fully purchased land and provides ultra luxury experience without compromises.
  3. Apartment to Amenities Ratio :  This means the number of people living in the project and sharing the luxurious amenities. It should be less than 300, anything more means that the project does not qualify as ‘luxury’. This is because the available amenities are shared by too many people, destroying the project’s ambiance, exclusiveness, convenience and charm. Mahavatar Heights has all luxurious amenities built for just 250 families.
  4. Elevators :  The luxury project must have service elevators with separate entries, to ensure that domestic help and external suppliers do not populate the elevators and lobby being used by residents. Mahavatar Heights has two towers of 24 story each and ensures that the elevators are spacious enough to accommodate a stretcher. This is called "Luxury" apartment.
  5. Wiring : A luxury apartment will be wired to handle high-speed cable and Internet in almost every room. Additionally, these apartments should be pre-wired for wireless Internet and cable. Mahavatar Heights from CMRS Group ensures all this and also provides wiring in unusual places, such as beneath countertops or in hallways, indicating that the apartment is luxurious.
  6. Windows : A luxury apartment will have a large amount and bigger sized windows than other apartments. A window in a bathroom is a major indication that the apartment is luxurious. Also, these windows should be provided with window coverings. Mahavatar Heights from CMRS Group has higher-end window treatments such as wood blinds. A true mark of ultimate "Luxury".
  7. Security : Buyers of a luxury homes project do not expect to have to worry about security, they expect to have the assurance that their families and property are safe in all respects. A genuine luxury project has uncompromising human security as well as electronic surveillance and safety measures firmly in place. Mahavatar Heights offers patented Home Automation and Security system for the peace of mind for a safe living.
  8. Maintenance Staff : The maintenance staff is also the most important factor in whether an apartment is luxury. The staff that is available 24 hours a day to assist residents is almost always present in a luxury apartment. Mahavatar Heights will provide professional maintenance staff available 24/7, the staff will also do anything from calling you a taxi to arranging for a cleaning service for your apartment, the apartment "truly" is luxury.
  9. Construction : Construction luxury in a housing project flats refers to superior quality of work, be it in the use of plaster of paris on inlay work design, designing, quality of plastic paints, provision of air-conditioning, provision of smart home automation features. Mahavatar Heights from CMRS Group is being designed by award winning architects and will be built by a team of engineers responsible for delivering prominent landmarks in Bangalore such as Infosys Headquarter.
  10. Price : A luxury apartments generally costs upward of 1 crore in line with the segment it caters to. But very few builders make quality buildings and give the buyers their moneys' full worth. Premium builders often charge very high due to exorbitant marketing expenses and often quote the artificially high land prices (FSI cost). The informed buyer will find that major chunk of the price of apartment goes for marketing expenses and not to service the FSI cost. With professional management team, "Mahavatar Heights" from CMRS Group effectively manages inputs cost. It does not cost exorbitantly high and price only meets the bottom line.
Bottomline is that "Luxury" can be measured and informed buyer need not fall prey to over advertised and highly priced projects, It does not cost a lot for the developer to give the luxury to the buyer. Builders like CMRS Group with right ingredients and professional management team has committed to provide ultra luxury experience with Mahavatar Heights at justified prices to benefit the user.

For any property advice, free legal advice and any other assistance while buying a property, feel free to call at  +91-7676-122-000 or send an mail to

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