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Green Buildings - Creating the lowest Carbon Footprint Apartments Ever!

Do you know, India’s citizens have some of the weakest lungs, highest rates of asthma and highest mortality rates from respiratory issues of any nation in the world!

India is experiencing an unprecedented construction boom. The country doubled its floorspace in last five year and is expected to add 35 billion m2 of new buildings by 2050. Buildings account for 35% of total final energy consumption in India today, and building energy use is growing at 8% annually. This is just the half truth, the harsh reality is that the buildings even though tagged as GREEN BUILDINGS generate huge amount of carbon foot print. In our study to buildings in Banaglore, the pollution increases to over 40% in morning time in parking areas. So why is it going wrong?

Design Flaws
Most building designed by even leading architect are not designed to handle the peak time movement of cars during morning hours. Most cars while going out use lower gears and waste significant fuel and also generate pollution. This could be avoided if the architects design efficient ramps and the security manage the outgoing traffic to ensure smooth outflow. None of this happens and we end up with an apartment having more than 40% additional pollution in peak hours. CMRS properties has paid attention to even such small issue and has ensured that the apartments can handle the optimal speed of outgoing cars with multiple tracks created for outgoing cars. The Group expect the other builders to follow the suit and make the apartment GREENER.

Lack of Vision
None of the builder in Bangalore involve an environmental agency to measure the quality of air in their project. If they do now, most will be embarrassed with their lack of knowledge and vision to contribute towards good quality air. One example is the ornamental trees placed in the apartment which miserably fail to generate good amount of oxygen into the environment. If the same were replaced by oxygen producing trees the quality of air will be much better. CMRS properties has done a detailed research on the trees which have potential to sustain in Bangalore and generate good amount of oxygen. Morning walkers in CMRS properties can feel the difference in quality of air when their lungs say thanks for their efforts.

Absence of Innovation
Except for getting a certificate from bodies like IGBC for being kind to planet, no builder has taken an innovative step to make the environment better. CMRS properties has innovated a unique green balcony concept which provide enough oxygen for a family go eight. All this is achieved without wasting the space in balcony with pots, the innovation allows to utilise the balcony and also have the private garden even on the highest floor. This is high time that builders see beyond the mere certifications and invest in innovation to make better living solution that promotes good health.

Future is GREEN with CMRS Properties
The air we breathes in most apartments in Bangalore is laced with cancer-causing substances and should now be classified as carcinogenic to humans. Outdoor air pollution is not only a major risk to health in general, but also a leading environmental cause of cancer detection. There are effective ways to reduce air pollution, CMRS properties is now taking the advance step to create apartments with India's lowest carbon footprint ever created by anyone. Stay tuned for announcements for strategic tie ups with like minded product providers. We hope to make world a better place to live, breathe and enjoy.

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